1. General:

    What's the difference between MyMerak and Merak?

    MyMerak is an online platform which you can use to manage your archive (both physically and/or digital) by yourself. We recommend you to use our e-commerce website for volumes smaller than 84 meters. This corresponds to approximately 250 boxes or around 1000 folders. If you wish to do so we can always consider for you which Merak services would suite you the best.

    Which browser(s) can you use to visit MyMerak?

    MyMerak is optimized for Internet Explorer 9 and more recent versions, Google Chrome 39 and more recent versions, Mozilla Firefox 33 and more recent versions and Apple Safari 7 and more recent versions. It's also compatible with several browsers for your smartphone or tablet. The following devices are being supported: iPhone 4S and more recent versions, iPad 2 and more recent versions with iOS 7.1, 8 and 8.1. Android versions 4, 5 and more recent versions are compatible with tablets as well as smartphones. If ever MyMerak would not function correctly, we request you to first try another browser. Please keep in mind that the colors of the articles displayed on the screen can possibly be influenced by your monitor settings.

    How to become a MyMerak customer?

    By clicking here you can register for MyMerak.

    How does Merak handle my privacy / are my data being handled safely?

    All data you put on our website is being treated as strictly confidential.Your data will only be used and saved to carry out the services. If you are registered for the mailing, for sending newsletters and advertisements. Your data will never be passed on to third parties.

    How to make changes to my profile?

    After signing in you go to the "Profile" sheet and click on "Edit" to make your changes. Once all changes have been made all that's left for you to do is to click on "Edit profile" to confirm.

    How to unsubscribe from the Email newsletter and/or the commercial Emails?

    After signing in you go to the "Profile" sheet and click on "Edit". At the bottom you need to check off the options "Merak Update" and/or commercial Emails. Once all changes have been made all that's left for you to do is to click on "Edit profile" to confirm.

    How to give authorization to someone else to place an order for you on your account?

    After signing in you go to the "Contributors" sheet. Here you can assign all rights to the person you want to give authorization to place orders.

    How can a contributor look up an archive on my account?

    You can add contributors by clicking on the sheet "Contributors". You can assign specific rights to every contributor.

    Can I let anyone else manage my account?

    Yes, after signing in you go to the sheet "Contributors". Here you can add the person you wish to assign as a manager. This person can add rights for reading, writing or ordering and he can also add or delete contributors. Keep in mind: there can only be added one extra manager.

    I forgot my password, what do I do?

    Click on "forgot password" on the sign-in page. Fill in your email address and you'll receive a mail with the instructions and a link to reset your password. Enter a new password and confirm it. Now you can sign in with your new password.

    How can I pay at MyMerak?

    At MyMerak you can pay by bank transfer.

    Will my order be processed immediately if I choose to pay by bank transfer?

    Your order will be processed immediately and will be carried out at the requested date regardless of whether we've already received your payment or not.

    How can I be sure that my order has been accepted?

    As soon as your order has arrived at Merak you'll receive a confirmation by mail that contains all your order information.

    I've placed an order but I didn't receive any confirmation. How is that possible?

    It's possible that our mail landed in your spam folder. If that's not the case please contact us at 075-631 11 39.

    How do I receive my invoice?

    You can consult your invoice in your account under the "Orders" sheet. You can also choose to download and print it for your own administration.

    When can I call the MyMerak contact center?

    Every weekday from 8u30 untill 17u at the following number: 075-631 11 39.

    Can I cancel an order?

    Yes, you always need to confirm your cancellation by email. Please read our general conditions for more information.

    2. Merak Archiving:

    When will my archive be available on the online app after it being picked up by the driver?

    Within 24 hours after your archive has been picked up.

    What to do when my contract is running out?

    A few days before the contract ends Merak will send an email as a reminder to the manager of the account. Here you'll find instructions of what to do.

    When does Merak begin to store my archive and for how long does it count?

    Merak starts storing your archive two weeks after we've received your payment. This is a one year term.

    Do I need to wrap my archive beforehand?

    No, this isn't necessary. Our Merak employee brings his own Merak boxes and he will wrap the documents. Following that he will follow your instructions about the inventorisation of your archive.

    Can I use my own boxes to store my documents?

    Yes, of course. Our Merak employee will check the quality of these boxes for transport and for storage. If these boxes can't be approved, our employee will use the Merak boxes.

    Do I have to get a subscription for Merak SafeCloud when I would like to digitalize my archive?

    No, 2 GB of storage space is included in the Merak Archive storage. You can use this space.

    How can I put an end to the storage of my archive?

    You can do this by:
    a) asking Merak to destroy your archive,
    b) asking Merak to bring your archive back to you,
    c) picking up your archive yourself at Merak

    For how long do I have to store my documents?

    Each type of document has a different retention period.Here you can find all legal retention periods.

    3. Merak SafeCloud:

    What is Safe Cloud?

    You can save your digital files on our online server through Cloud. You or your authorized representative can consult these documents through the internet at any given moment. My Merak Safe Cloud works with a private cloud which is located in Belgium. This means that the infrastructure is being used exclusively by Mymerak Safe Cloud. Your data are always being kept in Belgium. Merak has earned the ISO27001-certificate. This is a standard which guarantees the security of information. This ISO is audited every year.

    What can I save with 1GB of storage space?

    With 1GB you can save around 770.000 pages of plane text in Word. (The exact volume always depends on the layout, added charts,...) You can save around 900 regular sized pictures.

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