Store and manage your confidential patient files using the MyMerak online tool. Digital and paper.
Safe, organised and accessible.

Efficient and sustainable management of your medical archives is essential in today’s health sector. The more patients you have, the more files you have. Files that are often in digital format as well. Choose one of our formulas and put an end to your archive mountain.

“In a doctors’ surgery, documentation and archiving are time-consuming tasks. Thanks to Merak, our paper and digital medical archives are in good hands and we have more time to focus on our core task - caring for our patients.”

Your advantage

Easily manage everything yourself

MyMerak allows you to manage your paper and digital medical data securely. Merak has specialised services that enable authorised medical personnel to consult your information rapidly.
Merak MyMerak advantage medical manage
Merak MyMerak medical advantage save time and place

Save time and space

The medical sector produces a significant amount of documentation with its corresponding retention periods. With MyMerak you save space in your surgery and have more time for your patients.

Secure confidential information

For Merak, confidentiality is as crucially important as it is for the medical sector. The certificates we have been awarded guarantee that your confidential data are stored in a secure low-risk environment.
Merak MyMerak advantage safe and reliable
Merak MyMerak archiving samples

Optimal storage of samples

The medical sector doesn’t just have confidential information, it also has sensitive samples. The storage of these samples often requires considerable investments. Merak offers ideal storage conditions and easy retrieval of samples.
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