Store and manage your business documents using the MyMerak online tool. Digital and paper.
Safe, organised and accessible.

Legal and practical factors are causing the paper archives of SMEs to burgeon. Digital data’s on the increase too. Choose one of our formulas and put an end to your archive mountain.

“We were looking for an affordable solution for our company. With Merak we have 100% peace of mind and don’t have to make any major investments.”

Your advantage

Save time and space

Lack of space due to large volumes of files is a headache familiar to any successful company. If you want, we scan your documents and make them available in digital format via MyMerak. Less work for you and more space for your company to grow.
Merak MyMerak advantage save time and space
Merak MyMerak advantage documents easily available

Fast digital retrieval

When you need something from your archives, you can retrieve it digitally in just a few moments. You decide who has access to your MyMerak account so that employees can consult their documents themselves.

Safe and reliable

Companies usually have a great many confidential business documents in circulation. Merak provides secure storage of these documents in an optimal archiving environment, as well as secure storage of your backups according to the routine you specify.
Merak MyMerak advantage safe and reliable
Merak MyMerak advantage legally compliant

Legally compliant

Your business contracts will often be subject to minimum legal retention periods. Merak can advise you according these legal retention periods.
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