Merak boxes

Merak boxes

Purchase the MyMerak excellent archive boxes


The Merak archive boxes

  • Made of water-repellent material.
  • Extremely long life.
  • Quality control by specialised labs.
  • The unit price per box is €1,8656 (excl. transport).

Technical description:

Dimensions of the box::

  • Inner dimensions: L:386 x W:316 x H:257 mm(*)
  • Outer dimensions: L:410 x W:333 x H:270 mm(*)

Dimensions of the cover::

  • Inner dimensions: L:389 x B:324 x H:75 mm(*)
  • Outer dimensions: L:409 x B:328 x H:77 mm(*)

Merak box sets

  • Set of 25 boxes.
  • Incl. covers.

(*) There may be minor differences in the dimensions.



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