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Media Destruction

Avoid abuse of your corporate data


Your security

  • Your data carriers such as hard disks, tapes, DVDs, CDs, etc. contains crucial corporate data. Even if you delete the content, data is still always left behind.
  • The traditional channels (rubbish collection, recycling parks, and others) do not have sufficient confidentiality to prevent the possibility of abuse being made of the carriers disposed of.

Standard destruction

  • Merak offers you the possibility of destroying your carriers for good, even for just a single CD, DVD, tape, hard disk, etc.
  • Your data carriers are picked up from your premises by our employees.
  • They are stored on our premises in a secure, sealed area until the destruction procedure is started.
  • Your data carriers are then pulverised and crushed first, after which they are put in an incinerator.
  • You receive a certificate of destruction of your carriers.

Deleting super-discreet data

  • For 100% certainty we also offer you the possibility of first deleting the content of your carriers. Furthermore, tapes can be re-used.
  • By first degaussing (demagnetising) your data carriers before they are destroyed, you are sure that all data on those carriers have been deleted. That way your data never falls into the wrong hands. Namely, this process deletes all traces of data from any type of magnetic carrier.
  • Degaussing takes place according to the US standards of: “NSA / CSS / Department of Defense (DoD) Top Secret”.
  • Your carriers are then physically destroyed according to the method described above unless you wish to re-use your tapes.
  • If this technique is a better fit for your needs, we will draw up an appropriate and tailor-made (and no-obligation) proposal. 
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