Manage and store your paper and digital
documents with the MyMerak online tool.

Safe, organised and accessible.

Your advantage

Easily manage everything yourself

MyMerak allows you to manage your paper and digital data securely. You specify which employees have access to your data and the online tool. You have a transparent overview of all your documents when and wherever you want.
Merak MyMerak advantage manage
Merak MyMerak advantage save time and space

Save time and space

MyMerak is the best solution for your ever-growing mountain of paper. No more overflowing filing cabinets or time-consuming searches for that one document. Merak is an experienced archive expert and will take away all the headaches associated with this.

All your documents easily available

Merak can scan all your documents if you wish. They are then made available online through MyMerak. You can retrieve your physical documents at any time.
Merak MyMerak advantage documents easily available
Merak MyMerak advantage safe and reliable

Safe and reliable

Your documents are stored in a secure environment, without risk of threat, fire or water damage. Security and reliability are core values at Merak. All the Merak services are ISO 9001 and ISO/IEC 27001 certified.
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